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Modern jewelry by designers who share a passion for the uniquely fresh and current.



There are lots of new swoon worthy styles on the site from fine jeweler Lauren Chisholm.  Choose from beyond modern pearl looks like the Pearl Drop Necklace which has multiple charm stack options to minimalist diamond styles such as the Diamond Promise Earrings or the High Line Necklace. Lauren’s pieces epitomize modern jewelry and are a go-to for women who love the perfect proportions, clean lines and beauty found in the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. Each Lauren Chisholm piece includes her signature element, a contrasting 18k Gold ball artistically incorporated into each design which adds an extra dose of thoughtful style to every look. SHOP LAUREN CHISHOLM.



Mizu Ripple Necklace by La Corza

With NY Fashion Week recently behind us, we’ve had a chance to scout what was hot on the runway.  Modern jewelry continues to rule with a huge emphasis on sculptural silver pieces.  Think arty shapes or geometric interpretations of more classic pieces like the standout Small Arc Bracelet by Third Crown or Dana Bronfman’s Trina Ring, accented with three Black Diamonds.  While many think statement jewelry when they hear the term, pieces don’t have to be big to give off that sculpted vibe. Sheri Beryl’s Euclid Drop Earrings for example, are perfectly sized for every day wear.  SHOP SCULPTURAL SILVER.