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We’re thrilled to be introducing Neshka, a collection of limited-edition modern jewelry designs created in wood, silver, amber and other natural materials by Neshka Krusche. Neshka creates her gems at her studio in the Canadian Rockies, which makes her our first designer outside the U.S.A. native of Poland, and a graphic designer and art director by training, Neshka approaches her pieces more as sculpture than jewelry and strives to preserve the instinctive beauty of the natural materials. Her collection consists of pieces that are avant-garde yet wearable, with architecture, abstract art and nature as inspirations. SHOP NESHKA



Bypass Perle with Diamond Ring by Lumo

Rings have been the focus of many jewelry collections in recent years with designers catering to women who’ve been piling on multiple rings, either stacked on a single finger or spread across the digits.  The trend toward innovation and individuality continues as modern rings come in so many unique forms and materials. There are wrap rings which wind around the finger multiple times like the Bound Ring by Poppyor or the Perle de Spin Ring by Lumo, double band rings like the glorious Beau Ring by Lumo or the minimalist Nico Ring by Selin Kent and asymmetrical rings such as the Fiona, also by Selin Kent, just to name a few.  If you have an unadorned finger, start searching, as there are hundreds of new ways to to let your hands do the talking when it comes to style.  SHOP MODERN RINGS