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Good to Know: Gold vs. Gold Plated

At Visible Interest, we believe in and practice the HIGH-LOW MIX of modern fashion. Don an expensive designer skirt with a simple white cotton tee? Absolutely. Rarely does anyone wear all high-end all the time. We choose our fashion items, includi…
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Eye Spy a Hot New Jewelry Trend

The windows to the soul are definitely having a moment this season. Eye-inspired fashion looks are popping up everywhere from handbags to t-shirts, but nowhere is the trend more prominent than in jewelry. Whether studded with gems or shedding a tear…
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New Designer: Lacee Alexandra

We’re thrilled to welcome Lacee Norris, the independent jewelry designer behind modern jewelry line Lacee Alexandra.With edgy textures, fresh shapes and clever use of gemstones, this is one collection to pay attention to if you’re a fan of conte…
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