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A cherry-picked collection of modern jewelry by vetted independent designers



Palo Alto-based Lauren & Gracia have updated their modern jewelry line, incorporating black diamonds and other gems into their signature leather and silver jewelry collection.  New standouts include the Obelisk Black Diamond Pendant, the Three Rivers Bracelet and the exceedingly on-trend Solitary River Black Diamond Choker.  All pieces are handcrafted using the ancient European method of lost wax casting and result in pieces that are at once raw and refined, ancient and modern.  SHOP ALL LAUREN & GRACIA JEWELRY. 



Intial Stud Earrings by Lumo

Right now, modern earrings are all about extremes.  Think either super long shoulder dusters or teeny-tiny studs. Our contemporary jewelry designers are making them long and longer or small and smaller.  We love the flexibility to go bold with long chain earrings like the Deco Drop Earrings by Liz Law or be understated with a pair of tiny studs like the Grain Diamond Stud Earrings by Poppyor.  And if you feel like mixing the two, go ahead.  Mismatched earrings are also a major modern jewelry trend.  SHOP ALL EARRINGS