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A cherry-picked collection of modern jewelry by indie designers. Unique. Fresh. Chosen.



There are lots of new styles in from Dana Bronfman Fine Jewelry.  Think modern jewelry with both a social conscious and a glamorous, refined look. Dana Bronfman draws inspiration from juxtaposing the beauty of nature with the grit and glamour of New York City’s industrial architecture. New pieces like the Double Diamond Open Cuff Bracelet are a minimalist jewelry lover’s dream, while styles like the Holly Pendant showcase Dana’s ability to incorporate both edgy and uptown elements in a single look.  Each piece is created in New York City from reclaimed 18k gold, silver and diamonds.  SHOP DANA BRONFMAN



The Opal Ring by Lumo

Rubies, Emeralds, Turquoise…. These are classic gemstones that add a little color pop and panache to a favorite piece like the Drifter Ring from Merewif. And then there are the gems of the moment: Labradorite, Moonstone, Tourmalated Quartz. They all have a subdued, dreamy quality that ups the cool quotient on any modern jewelry piece like the Lunar Claw or Artemis Rings by Acanthus Jewelry. Gemstone jewelry always looks luxe but can be extremely accessible. So pick your preference, be it bright or cool and rock those stones. SHOP GEMSTONE JEWELRY