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A hand-picked selection of modern jewelry for those who covet the charm of individuality.



Merewif, by Savannah Watson, is a collection that focuses on the designer’s seaside lifestyle, featuring modern jewelry inspired by sea creatures, plants and the tides. New styles on the site like the Seahorse Ear Crawlers and the Rope Choker are perfect examples. Some of Merewif’s other newest pieces expand the focus to other facets of the natural world, including the standout Yin Yang Necklace with Customizable Gemstones, which lets each buyer pick the gems to adorn the the two complimentary halves that comprise the whole. SHOP MEREWIF



Divine Gold Earrings by Liz Law

With Spring almost upon us, we suggest you turn your attention to the ear.  The statement earring is the big jewelry story for the coming season.  The bigger the better.  Think long, think unique shapes, thing oversized and very, very obvious.  Materials have gotten tech in many cases and techniques to keep earrings light and wearable are obvious in the comfort of many styles.  Be they long and curved, like the Crescent Scale Earrings by Merewif or super-size hoops like the Large Hoop Earrings with Pearl by Lauren Chisholm, or tongue-in-chic baroque dangleing like the Divine Gold Earrings by Liz Law, statement earrings should be on your to do list for Spring and Summer just like a new pair of flatforms.  SHOP MODERN EARRINGS