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A hub for modern jewelry created by cherry-picked indie designers.



Luxe minimalism defines the work of independent jewelry designer Selin Kent.  Think spare shapes devoid of anything but the core elements. Then add fine metals, diamonds and gems and you have modern jewelry that is on the top of everyone’s list.  We’ve just added plenty of new styles of Selin’s minimalist jewelry like the Marla Ring and its fetching use of diamond baguettes, and the Iris Huggie Hoops and their fresh nod to Art Deco. Time to make your list and check it twice. SHOP SELIN KENT



Kitta Stud Earrings by Lumo

There’s a new earring craze in town and it is quickly taking over.  The Ear Suspender, which loops up from your piercing to go into the inner ear, adds yet another cool girl dimension to all the modern earring innovation from recent years: ear cuffs, ear climbers, ear crawlers and the like.  There’s the Kitta Stud Earrings which combine a huggie hoop bottom with an ear suspender top, while the Abby Studs combine an ear suspender with a small hoop.  And then there’s the Kitto Studs which can be worn down as a huggie hoop or flipped up as an ear suspenders.  Options are a girl’s best friend.  SHOP EARRINGS