acanthus-nicholemciver-headshot.jpgAcanthus is a modern jewelry collection grounded by designer’s Nichole McIver’s background as a medieval art historian who studied the personal objects of historical women. Nichole takes inspiration from her love of cultures of the past, and translates it into handcrafted modern heirlooms. Her work is feminine with a touch of edge, and she uses precious metals and gemstones, combining many different techniques to create her work. The name “Acanthus” comes from a type of plant motif that can be traced back through the history of art for thousands of years. For Nichole, it symbolizes continuity and is referential to the past, which are the principles that she strives for in her work.  Nichole creates each piece herself in her studio in Minnesota.  Visible Interest loves Acanthus for it’s strikingly edgy glamour and modern twist on ancient themes.