Danabronfman.jpgDana Bronfman designs her eponymous contemporary fine jewelry collection in Brooklyn, while master jewelers in Manhattan’s jewelry district craft each piece to ensure its quality. Her collection draws inspiration from imagery where natural elements meet up with New York City’s industrial architecture, juxtaposing the city’s glamour and grit by combining eighteen karat gold with sterling silver in matte, hammered, and oxidized finishes. Structured pieces have unexpected elements of movement and dainty details to comprise the line’s timeless appeal. The designer’s background in the non-profit space inspires the brand’s conscious ethos, as Dana donates a portion of all proceeds to non-profits, advocates for education and environmental protection, and creates each jewel from recycled fine metals. She trained with jewelers and designers in San Francisco, Santa Fe and New York City. Visible Interest loves Dana Bronfman for it’s strong geometric approach and lively use of mixed metals.