Accessorizing That FitBit

When we think of modern jewelry, our immediate thoughts go to all the chic, edgy earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces created by our independent jewelry designers. But truly, the most modern of jewelry for many are tech wearables, particularly the FitBit.

While they help us track our every move, we want to keep our style game moving forward as well. The good news is the new slimmer FitBit styles are easy to wear with other modern bracelets and cuffs, which help integrate the fitness tracker into your total look. But certain rules of thumb come into play when accessorizing your FitBit.

Narrower bracelets like the Sterling Flatend Cuff by Livewell Designs or the Double Diamond Cuff by Dana Bronfman work better. They bracelets were born to stack and be paired with other wristwear, so they look great when laid against your fitness tracker.

                                                      Sterling Flatend Bracelet

Bangles don’t cut it. They’re too loose and jangly on the arm. Best to stick with a close-fitting style that is slightly looser than your FitBit, but still stays close to your wrist like the Labradorite Cuff or the Apex Cuff, both by Westland Jewelry.                                    

                                               Labradorite Cuff

A leather toggle or wrap bracelet is a great choice as well.  Something about the naturalness of the leather mixed with all those techy materials gives your band in a chic pile-on. Styles like the Three Rivers Bracelet or Weathered Branches Wrap Bracelet by Lauren & Gracia are lovely examples.

                                                      Weather Branches Wrap Bracelet

Now, it's time to bust a move.  With style, of course.