Accessorizing that Halloween Look

It’s never too early to plan an outfit in our book. So while Halloween may seem a distant event, we’re already thinking of how best to dress. And while we love to create a look that shows both creativity and humor, we aren’t wild about spending money on things we will never wear again. So we took a look at our own wares here at Visible Interest and came up with a guide to gorgeous modern jewelry that you’ll love and wear repeatedly in your real life that can be double-purposed and add some flair when you dress-up for Halloween.

So let’s start with Witch, Vampire or other mysterious beings:

Needle Stud Earrings, $70

Web Stud Earrings, $52

Solo Diamond Classic Moon Necklace, $160

Oxidized Sterling Diamond Spear Necklace, $395

Aten Reversible Cuff Ring, $165

Gunmetal Sawtooth Ring, $85 or Earrings, $85

Knights Templar Cross Ring, $68

Moving on to other costume possibilities that can use jewelry to help create the look…

HippieCubic Fringe Necklace, $98

Bride of Frankenstein: Screw Head Studs, $52

CleopatraSnake Tail Ring with Gemstones, $114, Ouroborous Snake Ring, $148 or Snake Hoop Earrings, $164


Hillary Clinton: Onyx Button Studs, $140

Biker Chick: Weathered Branches Wrap, $225 or Wide Weatherd Skin Buckle Cuff, $385

60’s Mod: Etta Hoops, $230

Flapper: Chrysler Earrings, $60 or Deco Drop Earrings, $60

Let us know if you have additional ideas for costumes using our jewelry. We’ll add it to the list and maybe you’ll get a treat!