Always on the Look Out

Nico Ring with Black Diamonds

We’ve often been lauded for the curation of our modern jewelry. Thank you very much! And as a result, we’re frequently asked where we find the various independent jewelry designers who create the looks. And the answer is really, everywhere. We are a picky bunch and we’re always on the look out for modern jewelry designers whose aesthetic sensibilities match ours to a tee. We love minimalist jewelry, jewelry with some edge and attitude and jewelry with a luxe look and feel. And that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Our pieces are joined together by an attitude and visual cohesiveness whether it is fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. Who doesn’t mix high and low now anyway?

We met Selin Kent at the JA trade show in New York and we knew on the spot we’d love to showcase her sleek looks and minimalist proportions. We’ve found several designers such as Lumo and Michelle Chang online and had our hearts race upon seeing their fresh and innovative looks. We discovered Westland Jewelry on Instagram and met Livewell Designs through a stylish friend who knows what makes us swoon. And then sometimes, the designer finds us, as was the case with Chikahisa Studio and our newest designer, Nashka, who will be up and running in September and whose Amber, Silver and Wood designs bring yet another unique point-of-view to the site. We're constantly looking for the next designer who will fit in yet stand out and bring something fresh and exciting to our visitors.  We scour funky little boutiques, ask the stylish who they are wearing and basically never stop looking for the next emerging talent.

     14k Diamond Hoops            Seed Pod Necklace with Diamonds    Labradorite Cuff  

We’re thrilled the collection of modern jewelry we’ve put together speaks to others as it speaks to us. Know we are always looking and plan to continue to bring the freshest looks for modern design lovers who’ve come to know they will always find a little gem on the site.