An Apple for Everyday

So much has been and will be written about the Apple Watch since its unveiling yesterday, but as devotees of all things modern design, we feel compelled to comment.

That’s our comment.When we first saw the pictures, we were stunned that this was truly a wearable computer, then thrilled that there will be something so sleek and stylish, yet so useful and, well, technical to pair with our equally sleek and stylish attire.Up until now all the wearable tech has looked a bit literal, a mini computer that you strap on your wrist. Even the efforts of the fashion brands that teamed up with tech firms have been good but not great.Certainly not something you

 would wear everyday with everything.          

But the Apple Watch is, and in so many iterations, we want multiples.Kudos.Truly, truly modern in every sense of the word.