April Birthstone: A girl's best friend

Who doesn't want to be an April birthday girl, when their birthstone is the always fabulous Diamond.  There is nothing wrong with color gemstones, but a Diamond is a go-with-all, gotta-have stone that shines and accents like no other.  The property that gives diamond the sparkle, it's high dispersion of light, and it's rarity, have made it the most covetable of stones throughout the ages.  But you don't have to be getting married or attending a red carpet do to wear Diamonds.  Their classicism actually gives them the versatility to go from jeans to gown.  

Today's modern diamond jewelry provides a hip and affordable option for any style seeker.  Some of our favorites are the cool, luxe interpretations from Livewell Designs and the minimalist jewelry looks from Selin Kent.

                                      Charlotte Pave Mini StudsX Diamond Cuff Ring

A recent trend in modern Diamond jewelry is the use of Black Diamonds to give the pieces a bit of edge.  They still possess all the sparkle and glamour, but with more of a downtown vibe. 

                Black Nico Ring with Black DiamondsSophia Studs in Black DiamondsRose Cut Black Diamond Ring with Pave

The trend toward modernity in Diamond jewelry also extends to affordability.  With many women buying diamond pieces for themselves for everyday use vs. the traditional expensive engagement ring, many diamond pieces can be had for well under $500.  Visible Interest offers dozen of modern Diamond earrings, rings and necklaces under $500 like the Grain Diamond Stud Earrings by Poppyor ($194), the Diamond Baguette Cuff Ring by Lumo ($320) or the Egyptian Eye Necklace by Michelle Chang ($294). 

                      Grain Diamond Stud EarringsDiamond Baguette Cuff RingEgyptian Eye Necklace with Diamonds

Diamonds certainly can be modern girl's best friend. 

Fun fact: Did you know 92% of Diamonds are cut and polished in India?