Decidedly Modern

Ever had a style crush on a local boutique? Where the owner had an uncanny sense of your unique, modern style and you always found something you loved?

Welcome to the Visible Interest blog.

We're is an online boutique that features a handpicked collection of modern jewelry by vetted independent jewelry designers. Here, you’ll discover pieces by indie jewelry designers who share a passion for the uniquely fresh and modern.

It's a place for those who believe in difference over sameness. Who covet the charm of individuality. Who know there is something truly wonderful about a piece of jewelry that a single person has conceived, designed and lovingly made.

It looks different. It feels different. Be it fashion or luxury jewelry, each piece has that certain something – an effortless cool.

Visible Interest carefully chooses no more than 20 pieces per designer. New jewelry is cycled in often to keep us all looking fresh.

Shop by look, by price or designer. Or focus just on handmade designer jewelry or our limited edition and one-of-a-kind collections made exclusively for Visible Interest.

All of our jewelry is made by hand or in small batch processes and most is made in the USA.And while our contemporary jewelry designers can vary greatly in their process and materials, their pieces all share a striking, clean-lined and decidedly modern aesthetic.

Just like you.