Eye Spy a Hot New Jewelry Trend

The windows to the soul are definitely having a moment this season. Eye-inspired fashion looks are popping up everywhere from handbags to t-shirts, but nowhere is the trend more prominent than in jewelry. Whether studded with gems or shedding a tear, open or closed, in silver or gold, eye-based jewelry adds charm to an everyday look.


Wink Earrings                    3D Oculus Marquise Studs

Earrings are particularly popular with eye themed studs such as the Dream Earrings, Sad Songs Earrings or the mismatched Wink Earrings by Merewif.  Dana Bronfman has the amazing 3D Oculus Marquise Studs in solid 18k Gold and Stefanie Sheehan recently showcased new modern earrings like the Bright Eye Earrings or Teary Eye Earrings.

                      Gold Evil Eye RingTeary Eye Ring

Modern rings get their share of play in this trend as well with Stefanie Sheehan's Gold Evil Eye Ring or Teary Eye Ring adding some edge to our digits.

It's definitely time to take a closer look at this trend.