Going to Extremes: 3 Modern Earring Styles to Know

The news on earrings is all about extremes.  You can go big, go long or go micro-mini.  And all three add up to major style.

Divine Gold Earrings by Liz Law


Oversized earrings are all over the runway.  For one, they make a powerful statement and are easy to see on the catwalk.  When going this direction, you are free to keep the outfit clean-lined or full of flourishes. Large scale prints. Texture. Flounces.  Bring it on. The big ear builds on the fun and adds additional to the drama of the look.  


Cosmos Earrings by Liz Law


We are particularly partial to earrings with extreme length.  These shoulder-dusting beauties add a sense of non-stop chic and even make us all seem a little taller with their straight up and down orientation.  The simplicity of these stylish wonders work best with equally linear and long-lined looks, so keep it simple and let the ear do the work.


Grain Diamond Stud Earrings in Rose Gold by Heorth


On the opposite end of the spectrum, all the cool girls are sporting teeny-tiny studs up and down their ear, weather matching sets or a mix-up of styles.  Extra tiny stud earrings can be found in every shape and finish and look best with dressed-down looks.  This look proves good things come in small packages.