Introducing Neshka


A favorite part of our job is searching for and discovering an independent jewelry designer that was not on our radar.  We have a pretty defined aesthetic, so while we come across so many talented individuals, not too many scream "Visible Interest" and make us want to put their amazing modern jewelry on the site that instant.  But that was the case with our latest add, Neshka.  

Neshka is a collection of limited-edition modern jewelry designs created in wood, silver, amber and other natural materials by Neshka Krusche at her studio in the Canadian Rockies, which makes her our first designer outside the U.S.A. native of Poland, and a graphic designer and art director by training, Neshka approaches her pieces more as sculpture than jewelry and strives to preserve the instinctive beauty of the natural materials. Her collection consists of pieces that are avant-garde yet wearable, with architecture, abstract art and nature as inspirations. Pieces are handcrafted with the goal of simplicity and quality and many of her minimalist jewelry pieces can take days to craft. 

                 Geometric Amber Cluster Necklace                       Black Ebony Striped Pendant Necklace                  Amber Bracelet

We are beyond thrilled to showcase her innovative looks.