Jewelry Trends for 2016. More of What We Want

The list of top jewelry trends for 2016 continues.  In addition to those must-have modern jewelry looks discussed in our last post, we add these covetable trends. 

Chokers and Collars: A sculptural neck piece adds structure and modernity to your look.


Radial Necklace by AcanthusPrayer Stick Choker by Lauren & GraciaArc Choker in Gold by Third Crown

Asymmetry: Ear cuffs, ear climbers and mismatching studs all add a little off-kilter style.


Slade Ear Cuff by MerewifMismatched Studs by Dana BronfmanAsterisk Ear Climber by Acanthus

Grays and Silvers: Gray tone stones like Moonstone and Labradorite plus cool silver are the hues of the moment.


Moonstone Cuff Ring by Livewell DesignsHolly Bangle by Dana BronfmanMoon Bezel Ring by Merewif

Whimsical:  Amusing shapes and symbols inject some fun into fashion.


Blink Earrings by MerewifFox Pendant Necklace by Michelle ChangWeb Stud Earrings by Michelle Chang

Oversize Earrings: The statement piece has moved to the ears. The bigger the better.


Gold Divine Earrings by Liz LawEtta Hoops by Selin KentScale Fragment Earrings by Merewif