Modern Made

Craft, handmade, small batch, artisanal, maker.  No matter what we call it, the trend is exploding.  We all want to be closer to the source of our goods.  And while perhaps we're not as fanatical as getting to personally know our chicken's name and life story before we eat it as in the iconic Portlandia episode, we have a greater yearning to connect with the things we buy, eat, wear and use.  There is something very gratifying about knowing who made something and what they stand for.

In our little corner of the world, that means jewelry.  More specifically, modern jewelry.  Very modern.  Minimal, edgy, chic and sophisticated.  There can be a misperception that handcrafted translates to boho or kind of granola, or well, craftsy.  And while that is a look that is embraced by many, we go for something a little more polished and urban.  We are constantly on the hunt for those independent jewelry designers whose work comes from a little local home studio but whose aesthetic shouts big city glam.  Or who produces their pieces in small batch processes using local artisan workshops.  We're partial to collections like Lauren Chisholm Jewelry, where necklaces and earrings are works of modern art befitting her fine art background.  Or Michelle Chang Jewelry who imbues her pieces with charm and humor while keeping the sophistication.  And Dana Bronfman, whose dedication to environmental causes comes through in her strict use of recycled fine metals in her geometric pieces.

           Golden Petite Starburst NecklaceShark Tooth Dangle Earrings  Holly Ring in Gold

Each of these designers is a real person who lovingly creates their designs and pieces specifically for the woman who wear them.  They know when something is sold and they are thrilled when someone chooses to wear their jewelry.  Whether we're drinking a craft whiskey from the local distillery, lighting a candle purchased at the farmer's market or wearing a minimalist jewelry style handcrafted by a modern jewelry designer, it is gratifying to us to know we are supporting a real person who is making their living and their mark with their craft.