Modern with a Capital T

Anyone who reads fashion magazines or websites, or even the newspaper in a major market, would have to have seen the ad campaign for Tiffany’s new T Collection, which touts the clean lines and simplicity of their frankly beautiful jewelry.One headline professes “Unapologetically Modern.” That line embodies a notion that we at Visible Interest, home of decidedly modern jewelry, can certainly embrace.

When a major stalwart of refined traditional jewelry such as Tiffany’s makes a strong leap into the modern jewelry arena, you know style trends have been heading that direction for some time. And we couldn’t be happier, because we know that modern, streamlined pieces are what women searching for today.Take the minimalist simplicity of Selin Kent, the geometric beauty of Lauren Chisholm, or the Southern California vibe and spare shapes that define Lumo.

Koko Ring by Selin Kent

Large Hoop Earrings with Pearl by Lauren Chisholm

14K Crossroad Ring by Lumo Jewelry

But what can further add to this modern mindset is the inherent uniqueness in pieces created by independent jewelry designers, versus the ubiquity and wide availability of styles from large corporations, manufactured in bulk.In today’s age of individuality, the truly modern want to sport a look that is theirs alone. One that might offer up the imperfections of the handmade. So not only do they not have to have a “who wore it better” moment, they know that their piece was made for them and is like no other. No offense to Tiffany’s, with a capital T.