Not Your Grandma's Pearls

It's a rite of passage to sneak your mother's best pearls and play dress up as a little girl. And traditionally, pearls have been a bit, well, traditional.  Think Barbara Bush and DAR meetings.  But no more. Today pearl jewelry can be modern, minimalist and even edgy with pearls adorning some of our favorite contemporary looks.

                                                             Starburst 3 Pendant with Pearls by Lauren Chisholm

Lauren Chisholm Jewelry offers the stunning Starburst 3 Pendant with Pearls on a hand sculpted Neckring that's definately not your mother's strand of pearls. One of our favorite modern necklaces, this statement necklace, features solid Sterling Silver with Fresh Water Cultured Pearls and is handmade in the USA.

                                                                Large Hoop Earrings With Pearl by Lauren Chisholm

Forget the expected standard pearl studs and choose from modern pearl earring options by Lauren Chisholm Jewelry.  Lauren Chisholm's Large Hoop Earrings with Pearl features her 9mm Fresh Water Cultured Pearl in a minimalist hoop earring set. Another hoop earring option is the Medium Double Hoop Earring with Pearl, which features a 7mm Fresh Water Cultured Pearl Post. Like all of Lauren's pieces, they are hallmarked by a contrasting 18K Gold ball artistically placed on each piece. Both modern pearl earring sets are made by hand in the USA.

                                                         Mod Ring In Rose Gold with Black Pearl

A new trend in Pearl jewelry is back to black. The Mod Ring in Rose Gold with Black Pearl is a stunning example of pearls gone modern. These are definitely not Grandma's pearls.  Shop all the modern pearl looks we want today.