Sizing up Modern Rings

Fingers. We’ve all got lots of them, which affords multiple opportunities to load them up with beautiful, gorgeous and modern rings. Never one, when two or more will do. Whether you like to stack several slender rings or wear a different one on every finger, ring fashion is the height of style and a top seller across the board.

                                                                 Beau Ring with Diamonds                                                         

Despite all the fun questions shopping for a ring involves like “should my ring be silver or gold?” or “should it have gemstones?”, the biggest question surrounding a ring purchase online is size. For some reason, while we are all very well versed in our shoe size, our ring size always seems to elude us. The best way to determine ring size, beyond a possibly inconvenient trek to the local jeweler, is to use an online ring-sizing app, like Find MyRing Size. It’s helpful to have a well-fitting ring of yours handy when using them as most online apps provide various ring outlines for you to match your own rings to.

                                                    Bound Ring in Oxidized Silver by Poppyor

So now that we know we’re a perfect size 7, we can focus on the fun questions like, “should I get this double band ring with the diamonds?” or “what about this oxidized silver wrap ring?” To which we say, why choose. The more the merrier. 

                                                                  Ouroboros Snake Ring by Michelle Chang