Stack 'em up! The multiple ring trend.

Gone are the days when the fashion set wore a single ring on each hand. Today the trend is more, more, more, with trendsetters artfully piling on rings of all shapes and sizes for a fresh and modern look.

Want to get in on the trend? Here’s all you need to know about how to wear rings today.

Multiple rings or multiple fingers?

Yes and yes. There’s no right or wrong way to layer rings. Fashion followers are mixing metals, piling rings past their knuckles, and wearing bling on every digit. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Stack ‘em high

The simplest way to wear the trend is to layer multiples of a single narrow style to create a thicker look. The stacked rings can be all the same design, similar shapes in different metals, or set with different stones to create a multi-layered look. The Hex Band by Selin Kent, below, is a great luxe example.

Knuckle up

Knuckle rings are meant to sit high on your finger between the nail and knuckle. Mixing a knuckle ring in with rings that sit at the base creates a fashionable staggered effect across the hand. This Silver Diamond Knuckle Ring by designer Stefanie Sheehan has a great geometric look that works with many other styles.


Go vertical

Many rings have gotten tall, with vertical design elements that stretch well past the knuckle to create a look that is edgy and striking. The Woven Armor Ring by Westland Jewelry is a bold all finger ring that really ratchets up the fashion statement.


Go barely there

On the opposite end, you’ll find rings that are extremely delicate, barely more than a wire, like the 14K Gold Cross Ring by Lumo. Whether they’re plain or support a tiny stone or adornment, these minimalist rings can be worn across multiple fingers or mixed with weightier styles to create an artful contrast.


Stacks of rings needn’t require stacks of cash. While you can choose rings with diamonds or other precious stones, modern jewelry designers are also crafting rings in sterling silver or brass, with designs starting as low as $50. So pile them on. Stack them up. And create a mix all your own.