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Fun and Flirty from Merewif


Loner Earrings in Turquoise by Merewif

Lots of fun and flirty new looks arrived from fav designer Merewif.Take for instance, the Estelle Earrings, long gold rope squiggles that definitely check off the statement earring box. Many of these new modern jewelry pieces have been created using an actual piece of rope, so they showcase the texture of each strand and edge,a growing trend recently seen on the runways. And then there are the gemstone styles, modern earrings with chains, huggies and hoops, each adding a pop of color in a subtle feminine way.

Naturally Modern

With Earth Day on the horizon, we'd thought we'f focus on the ultimate designer, Mother Nature.  Nothing else we create can match her brilliance, originality and variety. It’s why her work provides the inspiration for so many visualists in all fields.At Visible Interest, we’re of course taken with the modern interpretation of all things natural, [...]

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