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Hand-Picked vs. Just Hand-Made


Like all fans of the hand-made and artisanal, we noted with (visible) interest the debut of Handmade at Amazon. Meant as an answer to Etsy, whose 7.5 million jewelry offerings now include many factory-made pieces, Handmade at Amazon offers 44,000 hand-made jewelry designs to choose from.

To which we say... Whew, I’m exhausted!

While we applaud anything that supports the individual designer or artisan supporting themselves through their craft, looking through 44,000 items for the one chic, modern jewelry item we might love is like searching for a needle in a haystack. And combing through 7.5 million pieces? Like searching for a needle in outer space.

That’s why we created Visible Interest. We do the combing and curating for you. Each contemporary jewelry designer is vetted and hand-selected for the modern jewelry aesthetic we love. Then we hand-pick no more than 20 pieces from each designer— like the whimsical pieces of Michelle Chang Jewelry or the minimalist jewelry styles of Lumo Jewelry. Modern rings, sleek bracelets and necklaces—all handcrafted or made in small batch processes.


Sure, there’s a lot less to choose from than on Etsy. 7.49999 million less items! We’ve weeded out the craftsy and amateurish. We’ve passed over all that’s not modern or sophisticated.

Shopping at Visible Interest is like shopping at your favorite hip boutique vs. a warehouse of jewelry where anyone can sell their goods.

You’re welcome.

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