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It's a Wrap. Rings that go 'round and 'round.


Bound Rose Gold Ring

Adding multiple new versions of the popular Bound Ring collection by Poppyor has given wrap rings lovers ultimate variety in height and finish. The Bound Rings and newer Demi Rings come in Yellow or Rose Gold and shiny or oxidized Sterling Silver. Throw in the option to sport a little diamond in an 18k Gold setting and you’ve got nothing but choice. Each of these little stunners is handcrafted from a single metal wire and is a unique work of wearable art. Poppyor’s line of modern jewelry continues to grow with mixed metal long drop earrings and clever ombre combinations. Her signature Yellow Gold ball adorns many of her pieces for a little extra pop.

The Very Nice List: Our top jewelry gift picks for the Holidays

The magic of the season? We’d say it’s finding just the right gift. Something that reflects her unique personal style…and reflects well back on you. Of course, you can never go wrong with jewelry. For one thing, it always fits. And our new online gift guide can help you make sure it also fits her style [...]

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Naturally Modern

With Earth Day on the horizon, we'd thought we'f focus on the ultimate designer, Mother Nature.  Nothing else we create can match her brilliance, originality and variety. It’s why her work provides the inspiration for so many visualists in all fields.At Visible Interest, we’re of course taken with the modern interpretation of all things natural, [...]

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A Q&A with designer Michelle Chang

At Visible Interest, we're smitten with the modern charm of Michelle Chang jewelry. Michelle has a knack for putting a cool spin on all sorts of shapes and symbols, from the Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace to the Egyptian Eye Ring with Diamonds. Michelle draws upon the skills she learned as a fine artist, interior designer and illustrator to create what [...]

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Up Next

While we love the end of the year lists that name the best books, movies, images and cultural moments of the year past, what gets us really excited are those lists that look ahead to the trends and ideas that will be guiding us in the year to come. And when it comes to [...]

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A Q&A with Lumo designer, Lucia Mouet

At Visible Interest, we love the stunningly spare look of Lumo jewelry. From the Crossroad Ring to the highly coveted XL Bar Ear Cuff, Lumo jewelry exudes that casual, laid-back Southern California vibe and beautiful handmade simplicity that makes it eminently wearable and the epitome of modern jewelry. Lumo jewelry is the creation [...]

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Stack 'em up! The multiple ring trend.

Gone are the days when the fashion set wore a single ring on each hand. Today the trend is more, more, more, with trendsetters artfully piling on rings of all shapes and sizes for a fresh and modern look.Want to get in on the trend? Here’s all you need to know about how to wear [...]

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Decidedly Modern

Ever had a style crush on a local boutique? Where the owner had an uncanny sense of your unique, modern style and you always found something you loved?Welcome to the Visible Interest blog. We're is an online boutique that features a handpicked collection of modern jewelry by vetted independent jewelry designers. Here, you’ll discover [...]

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