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Blog - Lumo jewelry

Newest Looks from Lumo Jewelry


Slip On Diamond Baguette Stud Earrings

We’ve been adding lots of new styles from the ever-popular Lumo Jewelry. Think simple, minimalist approaches that somehow become everyone’s latest obsessions despite, or perhaps because of, their pared-back approach to modern jewelry. New styles include updated earring looks with innovative new shapes like the Abby Studs or Slip On Opal Studs, both which feature a a coiled hoop which starts in front of the lobe and twists to the back. And then there are their new modern rings like the Princess on Top Ring, which is perfect for stacking with your own favorite rings. Get ready to swoon.

What You'll be Wearing according to Big Data

It used to be that magazine editors predicted what was trending in the industry by attending fashion shows, working with national retailers each month to see what consumers were buying. But the art of predicting the latest in fashion trends just became more technical, and it's simple: Google.According to the New York Times, the world's [...]

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Nine Modern Necklaces for the Modern Mom

You mom is like no other, so this Mother's Day, consider giving her unique jewelry by modern jewelry designers. A necklace is always a good choice and with so many options in contemporary necklaces, we've selected a few to help fit your mom's independent spirit.What to get Minimalist Jewelry MomMinimalist mom believes it doesn't take much [...]

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Spring Has Sprung: Modern Emerald Jewelry by Lumo and La Corza

The flowers are blooming, the trees and grass are turning green and this month's featured gemstone jewelry is fittingly the emerald!Kelly, lime, or viridian -- this vibrant spring gemstone adds that slight pop of color to a sleek and stylish modern wardrobe. Here's a glance at some of the emerald looks from indie jewelry [...]

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A Q&A with Lumo designer, Lucia Mouet

At Visible Interest, we love the stunningly spare look of Lumo jewelry. From the Crossroad Ring to the highly coveted XL Bar Ear Cuff, Lumo jewelry exudes that casual, laid-back Southern California vibe and beautiful handmade simplicity that makes it eminently wearable and the epitome of modern jewelry. Lumo jewelry is the creation [...]

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Modern with a Capital T

Anyone who reads fashion magazines or websites, or even the newspaper in a major market, would have to have seen the ad campaign for Tiffany’s new T Collection, which touts the clean lines and simplicity of their frankly beautiful jewelry.One headline professes “Unapologetically Modern.” That line embodies a notion that we at Visible Interest, home [...]

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