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Naturally Modern


With Earth Day on the horizon, we'd thought we'f focus on the ultimate designer, Mother Nature.  Nothing else we create can match her brilliance, originality and variety. It’s why her work provides the inspiration for so many visualists in all fields.

At Visible Interest, we’re of course taken with the modern interpretation of all things natural, including nature inspired earrings. While one’s mind might go toward something a bit ornate or realistic in its rendering, it is the clean lined, minimalist or edgy interpretation of nature inspired earrings that we adore.

                                                                    Gunmetal Petite Sawtooth Half Hoops by India Morgan

The animal kingdom is an exotic source of inspiration for India Morgan designer, Hadee Morgan, whose previous life as a wildlife biologist in Africa provides endless takes on the natural beauty of animal skin.Independent jewelry designer Michelle Chang’s line also frequently relies on the visual punch of creatures for her whimsical, wearable creations.

                                                               Snake Hoop Earrings in Brass with Rubies by Michelle Chang

The Cactus collection from La Corza gives us organic shapes created directly from the skeleton of a prickly pear cactus. And Sheri Beryl’s interpretation of the seedpod goes to show that the garden is full of visual stimuli.

                                                         Cactus Disc Earrings with Rubies by La Corza

We would never fool with Mother Nature. But be it flora or fauna, we are thrilled that so many jewelry designers chose to interpret her work in a way that makes nature inspired earrings decidedly modern.

                                                Gold Ring Seed Pod Stud Earrings

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