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Labradorite Choker by Westland Jewelry

The necklace of the season is the choker, be it sculptural like the Arc Choker by Third Crown, be-ribboned like the Everyday Architectural Choker by Neshka or a piece of modern jewelry that would give a boho off-the-shoulder look some edge, like the Selene Choker by Merewif. Chokers started strong for Spring and are now a full-blown phenom. We like them best against bare skin, but they add some punch to another Fall favorite, the turtleneck. 

Jewelry Trends for 2016. More of What We Want

The list of top jewelry trends for 2016 continues.  In addition to those must-have modern jewelry looks discussed in our last post, we add these covetable trends. Chokers and Collars: A sculptural neck piece adds structure and modernity to your look.    Radial Necklace by Acanthus, Prayer Stick Choker by Lauren & Gracia, Arc Choker in Gold by Third CrownAsymmetry: Ear [...]

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What You'll be Wearing according to Big Data

It used to be that magazine editors predicted what was trending in the industry by attending fashion shows, working with national retailers each month to see what consumers were buying. But the art of predicting the latest in fashion trends just became more technical, and it's simple: Google.According to the New York Times, the world's [...]

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Up Next

While we love the end of the year lists that name the best books, movies, images and cultural moments of the year past, what gets us really excited are those lists that look ahead to the trends and ideas that will be guiding us in the year to come. And when it comes to [...]

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