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Innovative Earring Shapes are the Future


XL Bar Ear Cuff

Innovative earring shapes continue to climb up in popularity.They are ear climbers after all. Or ear crawlers, if you prefer. Sold as singles or pairs, this contemporary earring shape starts at the piercing and curves around toward the top of the ear. Ear crawlers, like the XL Bar Ear Cuff, look great alone or with other studs or tiny hoops. Ear suspenders are another modern jewelry trend that continues to win our hearts. The Kitta Stud Earrings by Lumo combine and an ear suspender top half with a huggie hoop bottom to great effect. We predict even more interesting shapes in seasons to come.

The Ears Have It

Now hear this: The ears have become the focal point for some of the most innovative modern jewelry designs. There has been no end to new trends focused on ways to freshen up the notion of a matching pair or to adorn multiple piercings with modern earring styles like ear cuffs, ear climbers, single studs, and asymmetry all still going [...]

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