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Chikahisa Studio Comes to Visible Interest


At Visible Interest, we are always excited when we meet a new designer that we want to showcase on the site.  Their collection has to have a unique point-of-view yet fit into the overall aesthetic of the site.  Be identifiable as that designer's, yet play well with the collections.  The pieces have to fit in, yet stand out.  It gets harder and harder to find a designer whose work is additive and distinct, and not similar to something already included on the site.  Additionally, the collection has to be made by hand or in small batch processes and has to be made in the U.S.  Whew!

Ann Chikahisa

So we are totally thrilled to have found Chikahisa Studio, the creation of Ann Chikahisa, a designer with a completely unique eye and take on modern jewelry.  Ann has always made things she loves for the people she loves. She is self-taught, but feels far from alone. She learned from her mother, who learned from her’s. To find beauty. To cherish it. To allow it space and time. Since its founding in 2009, Chikahisa Studios’ handcrafted designs have fused effortless styling with a uniquely organic sensibility. Inspired by the natural world, Ann creates her collections in bronze, sterling silver and 18k gold in her Seattle studio. Each piece explores nuances of texture, color, and form. The result: organic shapes and beautiful natural themes that are eminently wearable. 

One of our favorites is the Chain Drop Choker, which takes the current white-hot choker trend and adds a lot of edge with oxidized silver chains dripping from a silver collar.  And we're smitten with the Five Diamond Ring in Bronze or Silver, which juxtaposes the sparkle of black diamonds with the organic ruggedness of the handcrafted ring.  And Ann's Single Tassel Necklace is a perfect everyday staple that can be layered with our other favorite pieces.

So welcome, Chikahisa Studio, to Visible Interest.  We look forward to more beauty and modernity in the years to come.

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Modern Made

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A Q&A with Acanthus Jewelry designer Nichole McIver

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Hand-Picked vs. Just Hand-Made

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A Q&A with designer Michelle Chang

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A Q&A with Lumo designer, Lucia Mouet

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The Perfectly Imperfect Piece

There is something perfectly imperfect about a piece of handcrafted jewelry. It might not be exactly symmetrical or the finish might show slight flaws, but that is part of the allure. When purchasing a piece of handcrafted jewelry, you know you are getting something that has been lovingly thought about, planned, designed and made by [...]

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