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Portland Style


Decidedly Modern is decidedly West this week, checking out all things Portland, Oregon.We’re inspired by the unique and individualistic, albeit very casual, approach to fashion.Here are some things we'd pile up on for an extended stay:

Portland is a mecca for all things handcrafted and the small independent artisan rules. No matter where you are, remember to support small businesses who are both creating something unique and creating local jobs and growth in their own communities.

For more Portland inspiration, check out Urban Weeds, a Portland-centric street style blog.

Anorak by Isabel Marant, Sweater by Wildfox, Jeans by Rag & Bone, Boots by Pour la Victoire, Backpack by Everlane, and Jewelry by independent jewelry designer Stefanie Sheehan at VisibleInterest.com

Three Very Modern Ideas

We all do it.  Think about what we should do differently.  Try to have a modern mindset.  Beyond the “eat healthier, exercise more” commonalities, we’d like to offer up three of our favorite declarations1. Always leave the house looking current.It’s just as easy to throw on those very now slip-on loafer sneakers as it is [...]

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Modern with a Capital T

Anyone who reads fashion magazines or websites, or even the newspaper in a major market, would have to have seen the ad campaign for Tiffany’s new T Collection, which touts the clean lines and simplicity of their frankly beautiful jewelry.One headline professes “Unapologetically Modern.” That line embodies a notion that we at Visible Interest, home [...]

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Decidedly Modern

Ever had a style crush on a local boutique? Where the owner had an uncanny sense of your unique, modern style and you always found something you loved?Welcome to the Visible Interest blog. We're is an online boutique that features a handpicked collection of modern jewelry by vetted independent jewelry designers. Here, you’ll discover [...]

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