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Wrist Cuffs Are It


City Lights Cuff in Gold by Sheri BerylCuff ‘em. Yes please do. Wrist cuffs are trending and are the perfect way to accessorize the bare arm styles of Spring and Summer. Whether big and bold or narrow and delicate, cuff bracelets are comfortable, sophisticated and oh so chic. Take Sheri Beryl’s City Lights Cuff in Silver with it hand cut spaces meant to evoke a city scape, or the Double Diamond Open Cuff Bracelet by Dana Bronfman, a fine jewelry beauty created using ethical and sustainable practices with end points of different sized diamonds. For a different spin, take a look at the Weathered Branches Cuff in Silver and Leather which begs to be paired with your favorite jeans or maxi dress at the nearest music festival. 

Accessorizing That FitBit

When we think of modern jewelry, our immediate thoughts go to all the chic, edgy earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces created by our independent jewelry designers. But truly, the most modern of jewelry for many are tech wearables, particularly the FitBit.While they help us track our every move, we want to keep our style game moving forward as well. [...]

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