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Newest Looks from Lumo Jewelry


Slip On Diamond Baguette Stud Earrings

We’ve been adding lots of new styles from the ever-popular Lumo Jewelry. Think simple, minimalist approaches that somehow become everyone’s latest obsessions despite, or perhaps because of, their pared-back approach to modern jewelry. New styles include updated earring looks with innovative new shapes like the Abby Studs or Slip On Opal Studs, both which feature a a coiled hoop which starts in front of the lobe and twists to the back. And then there are their new modern rings like the Princess on Top Ring, which is perfect for stacking with your own favorite rings. Get ready to swoon.

Put a Ring On It

Rings have been the primary focus of many jewelry collections in recent years with designers catering to women who’ve been piling on multiple rings, either stacked on a single finger or spread across the digits.The trend toward innovation and individuality continues as modern rings come in so many unique forms and materials. There are wrap rings like the Bound Ring [...]

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Sizing up Modern Rings

Fingers. We’ve all got lots of them, which affords multiple opportunities to load them up with beautiful, gorgeous and modern rings. Never one, when two or more will do. Whether you like to stack several slender rings or wear a different one on every finger, ring fashion is the height of style and a top seller across the board.  [...]

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Small and Proud

                                        We’ve always believed good things come in small packages. Of course we do. We’re a modern jewelry boutique. But right now, we’re focusing on the good things that come with being and supporting a small [...]

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