The Ears Have It

Now hear this: The ears have become the focal point for some of the most innovative modern jewelry designs. There has been no end to new trends focused on ways to freshen up the notion of a matching pair or to adorn multiple piercings with modern earring styles like ear cuffs, ear climbers, single studs, and asymmetry all still going strong. A girl has endless choices to showcase her individuality with infinite combinations possible.

And now the newest look out of the box has modern jewelry fans in a relative tizzy: Ear Suspenders. Ear suspenders use a post that goes through your lobe piercing, and then hook over the inner part of your ear, giving you a cool girl look that everyone will want to emulate. Lumo Jewelry has come out with several new styles like the Kitta Stud Earrings which combine a huggie hoop on the bottom with a suspender on top. Or the Abby Studs which have a suspender on the top of the stud that loops over the inner ear, as well as a lower coil wire which starts in front of the lobe and twists to the back.

             Kitta Stud Earrings                 Abby Studs

And then there are chic huggie hoops such as the Small Hook Poke Earrings or the Kitto Studs that are designed to work two ways. Wear them down as small hoops. Flip them up and they work as ear suspenders for double duty style.

                 Small Hook Poke Earrings                    Kitto Studs

All these fresh new choices are available as pairs or single earrings, allowing you to mix and match with your own earrings for a signature look.