Three Very Modern Ideas

We all do it.  Think about what we should do differently.  Try to have a modern mindset.  Beyond the “eat healthier, exercise more” commonalities, we’d like to offer up three of our favorite declarations

1. Always leave the house looking current.

It’s just as easy to throw on those very now slip-on loafer sneakers as it is to put on those grungy old mocs by the back door. Add a pair of statement earrings to your jeans and tee ensemble. Keep a cross-body bag stashed with essentials. We pledge to not let complacency guide our styling decisions. With so many fabulous fashion choices available, there’s no reason to not walk out the door looking up to the minute. It’s a great attitude booster.

                                                               Crystal Sawtooth Hoops by India Morgan

2. Support the Craft Movement.

The marketplace is filled with talented individuals pursuing their passion and making their living creating unique and artisanal products, be it cheese, furniture, beer or jewelry. We know how excited our indie jewelry designers get with each order they receive, as it is a validation of their art and vision, as well as an opportunity to share with someone the results of their work. When given a choice between a mass-produced product by a faceless corporation or supporting an independent brand, chose the latter, even if it comes at a little bit of a premium. This is also a great attitude booster.

                                                  Bright Ombre Bracelet by Poppyor

3. Buy American whenever possible.

We were thrilled to be included on ABC World News Tonight’s list of Made in America Holiday Gift Guide If we had all spent just $64 during the holiday shopping season on Made in the USA products, we would have created 200,000 US-based jobs. Think is we turned that into a year-round initiative. The uptick to the economy has tons of residual benefit. So when given a choice between something manufactured overseas, or something made in the US, let’s consciously choose the later. 

                                            Great Ring by Selin Kent