What You'll be Wearing according to Big Data

It used to be that magazine editors predicted what was trending in the industry by attending fashion shows, working with national retailers each month to see what consumers were buying. But the art of predicting the latest in fashion trends just became more technical, and it's simple: Google.

According to the New York Times, the world's most-used search engine is predicting the latest fashion trends such as jogger pants, the comeback of the palazzo pants, tulle skirts, and the downturn in popularity of the skinny jean and peplum dresses. How it works: Google looks at search demand patterns, geographic data, and co-search behavior (aka words and phrases being searched alongside), and can see what trends are top of mind and what declining this season.

With the help of our own analytic tools here at Visible Interest, we can see what's trending in the jewelry world and have confirmed our own internal fashion radar that the latest modern jewelry trends are chokers, ear cuffs and lariat necklaces.

                                              Arc Choker in Gold by Third Crown

Chokers are the ultimate choice in minimalist necklaces. If you want to go for the edgy clean lined look, Third Crown Jewelry offers a sharp minimalist look with their Arc Choker in Gunmetal and Gold.  Lauren and Gracia Jewelry offers up the Dancing Bones Choker, a sterling silver and leather choker made using the art of lost wax casting. Or for a more casual look, Lauren and Gracia’s Prayer Stick Choker is a sterling silver and leather choker necklace that would look great with those trendy palazzo pants or jogger pants.

                                                             XL Ear Cuff by Lumo

Ear cuffs from the 80s are making a comeback with a little more polish than looks of yore. In our shop now we’re offering Lumo’s XL Bar Ear Cuff which is a subtle and quiet earring look that will pop out when wearing your hair up or go bold with Westland Jewelry’s gold Woven Ear Cuff.  We have many more ear cuffs on the way, so check back for the latest.  

                                                                  Sawtooth Lariat by India Morgan


Searches for lariats on our web shop are definitely up over last year. Add a 70's punch to your outfit with India Morgan Jewelry’s Sawtooth Lariat Necklace. Or a little pop color, yet minimalist necklace look with Lumo Jewelry's Gemstone Lariat Necklace in Sapphire, Turquoise, Ruby and Carnelian. One Oak by Sara’s fun Camilla Necklace lariat come in three choices: black onyx, turquoise and cat’s eye.