Chikahisa Studio Designer Jewelry by Anna Chikahisa

Ann Chikahisa has always made things she loves for the people she loves. She is self-taught, but far from alone. She learned from her mother, who learned from her’s. To find beauty. To cherish it. To allow it space and time. Inspired by the natural world, Chikahisa Studios’ handcrafted designs fuse effortless styling with a uniquely organic sensibility. Ann creates her collections in bronze, sterling silver and 18k gold in her Seattle studio. Each piece explores nuances of texture, color, and form. The result: organic shapes and beautiful natural themes that are eminently wearable. Visible Interest loves Chikahisa Studio for their modernity and symbiotic combination of complexity and simplicity.


Dana Bronfman Designer Jewelry headshot

Dana Bronfman draws inspiration for her eponymous contemporary fine jewelry collection from juxtaposing the beauty of natural elements with the grit and glamour of New York City’s industrial architecture. Dana creates each jewel from recycled fine metals and donates a portion of all proceeds to non-profits in the educational and environmental protection arenas. She is a recipient of the Rising Star Award in the Fine Jewelry category from Fashion Group International. She designs her collection in her Brooklyn studio and then master jewelers in Manhattan craft each piece to ensure its quality. Visible Interest loves Dana Bronfman for it’s strong geometric approach, eco-consciousness and lively use of mixed metals.



Heorth is a Washington, D.C. based design collaboration between Poppy Charpentier and Jessica Lusty who shared a common sensibility and approach in their individual jewelry lines.  In teaming up, they created a new space where stories are told and questions of significance are explored. The jewelry that they create is fabricated in silver, gold and conflict-free gemstones and the designs arise from an inquiry into how symbol and metaphor function in our collective understanding of who we are, why we are here and what we desire to affirm in our lives. Their intention is to create adornments that support the potential within all of us. Visible Interest loves Heorth for the organic individuality of every piece.



India Morgan Jewelry Designer Head Shot

India Morgan is the creation of Hadee Morgan who combines her experience as a former wildlife biologist in both the US and Africa with her appreciation for the timeless look of highly evolved animal skin to create a collection that artfully integrates animal patterns with jewelry design. As she designs, Hadee uses three-dimensional form to capture a true sense of a particular skin's pattern to provide a unique and chic take on modern jewelry. Hadee designs in her Westchester County, NY studio and the collection is produced in small batch processes in New York City. Visible Interest loves India Morgan for taking its cues from the animal kingdom to create a collection that is at once truly modern and glamourous.


Lacee Alexandra Designer Jewelry headshot

Lacee Alexandra’s work is heavily influenced by the world around us. Drawing inspiration from histories, textures and raw imperfections, Lacee creates casually luxurious modern jewelry pieces that are versatile enough for everyday wear. Professionally trained with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metalsmithing and design, Lacee sources her materials from suppliers who share her beliefs in social and environmental sustainability. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted to order in her treasured beach-side studio in Long Beach, CA. She designs for that woman who is both style and environmentally conscious. Visible Interest loves Lacee Alexandra for its fresh edgy shapes and textures and clever use of gemstones.


Lauren Chisholm Jewelry Designer Head Shot

Lauren Chisholm jewelry evolved as a natural extension of the Connecticut-based designer’s decades-long fine art career. Trained as a fine artist, Lauren's attention to detail was cultivated through painting murals and trompe l'oeil in private estates, as well as through her series of botanical paintings both of which are featured in show houses and galleries. Lauren Chisholm jewelry is made by hand using precious metals and gemstones. As a signature touch, an 18k gold ball is incorporated into the design of each piece and adds a subtle sculptural element that uniquely identifies the piece as a Lauren Chisholm design. Visible Interest loves the minimalistic, mid-century modern intricacies of Lauren Chisholm jewelry.



Liz Law Jewelry Designer Jewelry headshot

Liz Law Jewelry honors the past while celebrating the present, rendering pieces that are unique yet always wearable. The Los Angeles-based designer often incorporates vintage baubles and themes into her work, reinterpreting them into modern motifs. Liz finds great beauty and intrigue in finding new ways to join the old and the new, and explores other visual juxtapositions in her work as well. Liz carefully designs each piece in her Los Angeles studio, using a myriad of materials including sterling silver, 14k gold fill, bronze, brass, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, and the occasional vintage treasure. Visible Interest loves the bold accessibility and creative balance of Liz Law’s modern designs.


Lumo Jewelry Designer Head Shot, Lucia Mouet

Lumo is the creation of designer and metal smith Lucia Mouet. Her side hobby of making small charms out of wax and silver quickly turned into a passion when she decided to study the art of jewelry design and metalworking and led to the launch of LUMO in Fall 2012. Lucia creates a collection of highly covetable everyday pieces and finds beauty and inspiration in the simplest of shapes. Shimmering metals are shaped into sleek lines and accented with natural elements including pearl, opal, citrine and labradorite. Every piece is handcrafted in Lucia's San Diego, California studio. Visible Interest loves Lumo for its casual, laid-back Southern California vibe and beautiful handmade simplicity.


Merewif Designer Jewelry by Savannah Watson

Merewif jewelry is the brainchild of designer Savannah Watson and derives its name from the Old English term for sea witch. Merewif is an innovative and highly wearable collection of handcrafted modern jewelry which fittingly takes strong influence from the spirit and alchemistic elements of the sea, incorporating the design elements of fish scales, sea creatures and tides into her silver, gold and gemstone looks. Every piece is designed by Savannah in her hometown on the Southeast coast of North Carolina and handcrafted in the United States. Visible Interest loves Merewif jewelry for its completely fresh take on sea-inspired jewelry and for its spirited, abstract and organic shapes.



Michelle Chang Designer Jewelry headshot

Michelle Chang jewelry draws upon the skills Michelle learned as a fine artist, interior designer and illustrator to create what she describes as “art embodied in a tiny object, one that can be worn to become a part of the person wearing it." Inspiration is found in anything and everything, whether it be small or large, natural or man-made, living or inert. Each piece is a unique entity; made by hand, start to finish, with natural materials, fine metals and gems. Michelle is a true citizen of the world having lived and worked on multiple continents. She launched her line in New York City, but now creates her collection in sunny Los Angeles. Visible Interest loves Michelle Chang’s whimsical and delightful modern designs.



Neshka is a collection of limited-edition modern jewelry designs created in wood, silver, amber and other natural materials by Neshka Krusche at her studio in the Canadian Rockies. A native of Poland, and a graphic designer and art director by training, Neshka approaches her pieces more as sculpture than jewelry and strives to preserve the instinctive beauty of the natural materials. Her collection consists of pieces that are avant-garde yet wearable, with architecture, abstract art and nature as inspirations. Pieces are handcrafted with the goal of simplicity and quality and many of her minimalist jewelry pieces can take days to craft. Visible Interest loves Neshka for its strong statement pieces that are elegant and enduring.


Selin Kent Designer Jewelry

Selin Kent is a New York-based jewelry designer originally from Istanbul, Turkey where she developed her skills under the tutelage of master craftsmen around Istanbul’s historic Grand Bazaar. Formal training in jewelry design and fabrication in New York followed. Selin’s fine jewelry collection is characterized by a minimalist vocabulary of clean lines, architectural forms, and simplified shapes. Delicate pieces in 14K gold as well as structural statement pieces in sterling silver achieve an elegance and balance in design through the careful application of geometry and proportion. Visible Interest loves Selin Kent’s modern fine jewelry pieces' understated yet striking and edgy sophistication.


Sheri Beryl Designer Jewelry headshot

Sheri Beryl is a line of timeless jewelry created by former fashion executive Sheri Sanders. Sheri began studying metal arts and jewelry design as an adjunct to her fashion career and launched her collection with a simple seed pod design which soon became the signature piece in her collection. Very much a minimalist, Sheri appreciates the beauty of simplicity where less is more. Her designs of clean every day pieces are inspired by nature and pure simple geometric shapes. Sheri's work is primarily in sterling silver overlaid with different finishes. She designs and fabricates each piece by hand in her Los Angeles studio. Visible Interest loves Sheri Beryl's clean, everyday modern pieces and simple geometric shapes.


Stefanie Sheehan Jewelry Designer Head Shot

Stefanie Sheehan jewelry incorporates organic and sculptural elements for designs that are clean, geometric and simply wearable. She designs and handcrafts all of her pieces in her studio on Long Island, New York using materials such as silver, 14K gold, gold fill, brass and gemstones. Everything is cut, filed, soldered, and polished to create fun and modern jewels. She strives to make jewelry that is very personal and has the power to make you feel good and confident about yourself. Stefanie graduated from the Pratt Institute with her BFA in Jewelry Design and won a Senior Jewelry Award from the Women's Jewelry Association. Visible Interest loves the versatile wearability of Stefanie Sheehan's modern collection.


Third Crown Designer Jewelry

Third Crown is the brainchild of husband and wife design duo Kofi and Kristin Essel. Based in New York City, they named their brand Third Crown to reflect the concept of two creative forces joining together to create a shared but unique entity. Third Crown’s DNA is based on the designers’ fascination with structure and strong architectural lines as well as bold geometric definitions. Kofi and Kristin debuted their collection in Spring 2013 with their signature beveled designs in 18K Gold, Gunmetal and Sterling Silver plated bronze. All Third Crown pieces are designed and made in the USA. Visible Interest loves Third Crown for its urban vibe and fresh spin on geometric shapes.