Jewelry Care and Repair Policy

At Visible Interest, quality and craftsmanship is a top priority.  Our jewelry is created in a wide range of materials and finishes by our various independent jewelry designers. Please remember that almost all pieces on Visible Interest are handcrafted and can be very delicate.  Properly caring for your pieces will help preserve their unique look and wearability. This includes removing jewelry before bathing, swimming, washing your hands or working out. Additionally, certain oils, lotions and perfumes may affect plated pieces.  Keeping your jewelry in a plastic bag when not being worn can help slow any tarnishing. Using a polishing pad or cloth on your piece can help to keep it new looking. Only use a jewelry cleaner that is safe for the material of your jewelry and gemstones.

Please email us if you would like to request a repair. Repair on jewelry may be subject to a charge depending on the nature of the damage and the time since purchased.  Shipping charges may also be incurred.