Kitta Stud Earrings


Designer:  Lumo

  • A cool, fresh look in ear wear, these innovative solid 14k Gold ear suspender stud earrings incorporate a curved arm on both the upper and lower part of the earring -- one hugging the lower part of the lobe and the other reaching up to the inner ear.
  • You can choose 2mm Opal or Turquoise stones to adorn the center of these curved stud earrings.
  • Looks great alone or paired with your own favorite earrings and studs.
  • Kitta Studs can be ordered as either a pair or a single earring for styling flexibility.  Single earring price is $140.00.
  • Also available in Sterling Silver with Opals or Turquoise (Price for Silver: $145.00/pair or $73.00/single)
  • This minimalist jewelry is handcrafted in San Diego
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